Payment PluginsΒΆ

At the present time CM Gift Card only has 1 payment method plugin for PayPal (Website Payment Standard). If you need other payment methods, please contact us.

To enable and configure PayPal payment plugin, you go to Extensions -> Plugins, search for “CM Gift Card - PayPal”.


To configure the plugin, you click on its name. PayPal payment plugin has the following configuration options:

  • Display Name: The name which is shown in checkout page. If you leave this field empty, the word “PayPal” is used.
  • PayPal Email: Enter the PayPal email which receives payment from customers.
  • Currency: Select the currency which is used in payments.
  • Environment: If you want to test payments with PayPal Sandbox you select “Sandbox”, otherwise you select “Live” to use real payments.
  • Seconds To Wait: The number of seconds customer waits before being taken to PayPal’s transaction page.